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One Day West Australian Tours
Come and join us for an exciting and fun filled day on one of our West Australian tours. Our tour operators look forward to showing you the magnificent sights of our South West region where the forest meets the sea. Discover superb sightseeing and photographic opportunities on our West Australian tours.

Five Day West Australian Tours
Five days of exploring the many wonders of the South West with our 5 Day West Australian tours. Unpack your bags only once at our fantastic retreat in amongst the tall timbers. Then enjoy your daily tours with our experienced tour operators in our uniquely designed 4WD coach.

Walk amongst the tree tops
The tour departs Mondays at Fremantle and from that time you will begin your holiday of fun and relaxation. Our West Australian tours provide all meals, transport, pays all park fees and provides a bedroom with your own ensuite. Giant Tree Top Tours will have you visit more places that can be mentioned in this brochure. Some of the exciting locations and events you may see are; wineries/cidery/brewery, national forests and parks, sand dunes and white pristine beaches, Valley of the Giants with it’s ancient forests, tree top walk, Gloucester Tree climb, lakes, rivers and cascades, wildlife and wildflowers(in season), alpaca stud/animal farm/wildlife park. This is just a part of what you can see and experience during your tour of this spectacular region.

The Inspiration From Heath Ducker

The Inspiration From Heath Ducker
The real life story of Heath Ducker and his courage to overcome obstacles in his life sounds like a made for television movie. However, this young man has proven to the world that even though he came from the wrong side of the tracks, he still managed to climb on top. He endured so much negativity throughout his youth, yet he still found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heath Ducker is a successful Australian attorney and has written a book based on his life. The sexual abuse he encountered as a child and not having a male role model around, are just the tip of the iceberg. Heath Ducker tells his story, in hopes that it inspires other youth to never give up hope and to strive for success. The struggles that he endured, has allowed him to be able to continue to push harder and even become a voice for those that suffer through the same abuse.

Heath Ducker is one of ten children conceived through many different men. He tells stories of how there were times when there wasn’t enough food in the house or how he had had to use the top of a tree in order to study. Heath Ducker overcame all of the trials and tribulations put in his life as a child, and managed to inspire others to do the same. He received numerous awards for his strength and courage and has even received recognition from the Prime Minister. He is living proof that there is no mountain to high to climb and no adversity to troubling to overcome.

Factors to consider when hiring removalists Brisbane

Factors to consider when hiring removalists Brisbane

Are you looking to move to Brisbane? Moving to a new city can be tedious and quite exhausting. Hiring the right Removalists Brisbane can help make the relocation smooth and hustle free. However, there are numerous Removalists who claim to only offer high quality services but this is never the case. Some will end up overcharging you for a simple relocation while others may end up disappearing with your belongings. Here are some factors that you can consider before deciding to settle on a particular removalist company.


One of the most important factors that a home owner should take into account before hiring removalists Brisbane is their experience. A company that was just started a month ago may lack the expertise to handle your move professionally and that is why choosing a company with years of experience is vital. Additionally, since they have been in the moving business for quite some time, they are able to give you a free quote and relocate you quickly. Removalists Brisbane Removalists for Furniture at Fragile who are more experienced will also have their own movers and will also avail packing boxes when you need them.


When choosing any removalists Brisbane, it is essential to look at their moving rates. Some companies have hidden charges and this could cost you in the long run. Always ask their charges before contracting them. In addition, it is recommended to opt for a moving company that has a fixed rate as opposed to an hourly rate.

Customer Service

Customer service is another important factor that should be taken into account before hiring any removalists. This is because you want to be able to convey your moving needs to the company. A moving company with rude customer representatives may be hard to relate to and should anything happen during the moving process; they may distance themselves from you. Always opt for removalists Brisbane who value their customers and are quick to respond to any queries you may have.

When hiring any removalists Brisbane, remember to take these factors into consideration. They will help you choose the rights removalists who fit your moving needs.